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Working with CompScience, we achieved a 23% improvement in our injury rate and expect to save over $300k on our next policy.

Chris Ashford, General Manager Same Day Delivery


CompScience gives me peace of mind that we are doing the best for our employees by focusing on the risks that matter.

Dave Hanson, Director of Operations and Safety Implus

The Result: Reduced Injuries and Costs

23% Lower Claims

According to a Swiss Re actuarial analysis of isks CompScience detects in workplace video.

66% Lower Risk

Average reduction in environmental & behavioral hazards across all loss categories.

20% Lower TCOR

Total Cost of Risk includes premiums, safety budgets, lost time, and other related expenses.

The CompScience Risk Reduction Program

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1. Upload existing video footage from your facility

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2. Apply artificial intelligence to detect and report hazards


3. Make recommended changes to prevent accidents and reduce losses